IntelliJ IDEA

IDEA IntelliJ – the best Java IDE out there!

IDEA IntelliJ - Logo of the best Java IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrainsIDEA IntelliJ is a Java IDE (abbreviation of “integrated development environment”) for computer software development. It is created by Jetbrains and it is the best of Jetbrains Java IDE you can find out there.

This IDE by Jetbrains IDE has a lot of great features, such as smart code completion, framework-specific assistance, productivity boosters, developer ergonomics, unobtrusive intelligence, and much more. It makes developer’s life easier, and it makes coding enjoyable and so much easier. The numerous facts and actions – that it is becoming the first choice for an IDE for more and more developers, and that Android took it as a base for their Android Studio – speaks for themselves. And we most certainly can’t forget the IntelliJ plugins. Yes, you can add plugins for various frameworks, tools, tweaks and this can help you in your projects in so many ways.
Feel free to check their official web site for further information.

Is it available for free?

Yes, you can downloaded IDEA IntelliJ completely for free. But it comes in several editions:

  • First, the Community Edition – Free but limited
  • Then we have Ultimate Edition – Not limited, but not free
  • Last, but not the least, is EAP Edition – Free, unlimited, but requires upgrade every month

I will try to explain all Jetbrains IDEA editions properly in further articles. So keep reading for more details.

Community Edition

IntelliJ Community Edition is a free version of Jetbrains IDEA. It is licensed under Apache 2 licence as an open source software. Some features for this version is limited, such as Framework support, Java EE support, JSP code completion, etc. It’s not that you can’t use it in, for example, a Java web application with Spring framework, but without a proper support for the framework you will often feel like you are using Notepad instead of a powerful Java IDE. But if you are not working on a project described previously, then it works just fine (it works awesome actually). Do not underestimate  the power IntelliJ Community Edition!
You can learn more about IntelliJ Community Edition on this related page.

Ultimate Edition

IntelliJ Ultimate Edition is a paid, but unlimited version of Jetbrains IDEA. It is a commercial version of the IDE. How much does it cost you ask? Well, currently it is around $300. It is not a lot of money considering what you get. But then again, there are plenty of good free alternatives that are not limited at all, such as Eclipse or NetBeans IDE. You can get it for 30 days for free and see how it works. Then decide if it is worth giving money for this productivity booster.
You can learn more about IntelliJ Ultimate Edition on this related page.

EAP Edition

IntelliJ EAP (Early Access Program) is another free variant of Jetbrains IDEA. By using IntelliJ EAP, you are basically using a version of the IDE that is in evaluation phase. Long story short – there is an EAP version of IntelliJ Ultimate. It gives you IntelliJ Ultimate Edition features completely free and legal. EAP expires after 30 days. After that period you are offered to buy IntelliJ Ultimate if you want. If not, then you can simply download a newer version of IntelliJ EAP. You’ll be able to work on it for next 30 days – again for free. The only little trouble is that you will have to re-import your project back in. And after 30 days you repeat all that again. And again, and again… So yes – this is some kind of a legal “hack” for using Intellij Ultimate for free.
Learn more about IntelliJ EAP on this related page.

Confused about all those IDEA IntelliJ editions?

Jetbrains IDEA has so many editions and every one of them has it’s own purpose. Which one to pick? Do you feel the confusion about them? Good… 🙂
Do you need JavaEE, or framework support? If no, then the Community Edition will suit you just fine. Want to boost your productivity while working on a big Enterprise Java, or Spring project? Then the Ultimate Edition is your productivity booster (just talk your boss into buying it). Perhaps you want it all? Both Ultimate features AND a price of Community edition? Or if your boss is just stingy? Well, then go for the EAP edition. You will have the Ultimate with one little hassle – download a new EAP version and re-import your projects once a month. Good thing is that re-importing with IntelliJ is not a trouble at all.

Some final words

OK, so it is time to take everything into consideration. And when we do, we can clearly see that IDEA IntelliJ has plenty to offer! Give yourself a minute. Think about your needs. And think about your projects. Choose what is best for you. And what if you cannot decide? Well, just go for the EAP edition. It has got everything you need – and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to use the best Java IDE in the world? Head over and read how to download all IntelliJ editions and get them ASAP. We promise you won’t regret ditching your old IDE in favor of IntelliJ.

If you want to know some more about IDEA IntelliJ, please go to related article on Wikipedia, or on Jetbrains’ official website.
We wish you happy coding with your new favorite Java IDE.