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IntelliJ Community Edition – free but powerful

intellij community - idea intellij community edition IntelliJ Community Edition is one of three variants of IDEA IntelliJ. This one is free. It is an open source software licensed under Apache 2. Although having some great features, some are limited.

It lacks some productivity boosters. Duplicate code detection is one example. Database tools are also missing. Support for frameworks, Java EE and JSP code completion is also missing. This makes IntelliJ Community Edition not so good for Java enterprise projects. However, it is great for JVM and Android development.
Do not underestimate  the power IntelliJ Community Edition! It can do wonders for your projects and your productivity.
IntelliJ Community Edition is an awesome choice for those working on pure Java/Groovy projects. It will also do for Swing development too. It has all the key features IDEA IntelliJ. Some of them are code inspections, refactoring and coding assistance. Not to forget the powerful debugger. JUnit testing is supported too. And version control support (Git, SVN, Mercurial).  Integration of Ant and Maven build tools, as well as many others.
IntelliJ is supported by all major Operating Systems. Yes – Windows, Mac and Linux.

So… IntelliJ Community or IntelliJ Ultimate?

Well… it depends on your project needs. Can you do without the IntelliJ Ultimate features? If yes – then get the Community.
If no, then buy IntelliJ Ultimate. It costs around $300. Learn more about it here.
Is $300 too much money for you? Go for IntelliJ EAP. Learn more about it here.
IDEA IntelliJ got your back whatever your needs are.
To learn more about IntelliJ Community Edition visit their official website.

Download IntelliJ IDEA Communty Edition

How to download IntelliJ IDEA? It’s simple. Just go to their official download site, choose your OS and click download button.
When downloaded simply follow the installation instructions. It is very, very easy.
Click here to go to official download site.


IntelliJ Community Edition is awesome. Get it and use it!