IntelliJ EAP

IntelliJ EAP – way to have IDEA IntellIJ Ultimate Edition for free

idea intellij eapIntelliJ EAP (Early Access Program) is free and unlimited variant of Jetbrains IDEA. The IntelliJ EAP represents a sneak-peek to next release version of the IDE. Only EAP variant is in evaluation phase. It is, basically, still under development.

IntelliJ EAP gives you opportunity to see what new version of the IDE brings, and you can also contribute to the development. You can get both Community and Ultimate EAP. Of course, IntelliJ Ultimate is what is interesting.

What makes IntelliJ EAP so special?

It enables you to download IntelliJ with Ultimate Edition features for free and completely legal. The catch is that EAP for that particular release version expires after 30 days. After that period you are offered to buy IntelliJ Ultimate if you want. If you do not want that, that’s fine. You can simply download a newer version of IntelliJ Ultimate EAP. You’ll be able to work on it for next 30 days – again for free. The only little trouble is that you will have to re-import your project back in. But with IntelliJ that is a few click piece of cake. And after 30 days you repeat all that again. And again, and again, and again… So yes – this is some kind of a legal “hack” for using Intellij Ultimate for free.

Learn more about EAP here.

How do I download IntelliJ IDEA that is in EAP?

For latest version of EAP visit this official page.


We have two main variants of IDEA IntelliJ. One is IntelliJ Community Edition. Another is IntelliJ Ultimate Edition.

  • Community = free + limited
  • Ultimate = unlimited + paid

That is where IntelliJ EAP comes in. It is somewhere in between two mentioned variants. It is free, it is unlimited, but it needs to be reinstalled monthly.