IntelliJ plugins

IntelliJ plugins – extend your IDEA IntelliJ to make it even better

intellij pluginsIntelliJ plugins can extend IDEA IntelliJ functionalities. You can make it support additional frameworks. Also, you can make it support Bash, Vim, etc. You can even add support for another language, Rust for example.

Every good IDE has to have an option to write a plugin and to extend it’s features. This is yet another thing that makes IDEA IntelliJ the best IDE in the world. But who develops these plugins? Where can we find them? Continue reading to find out!

IntelliJ plugin development

Yes, IntelliJ plugin development is possible. This enables you to write your own plugins. So, this answers the first question from previous paragraph. Everyone can develop IntelliJ plugins.
Click here to learn how.

IntelliJ plugins repository

IntelliJ plugins repository is the place where you can find plugins for your IDE. You can find them onofficial IntelliJ plugins repository page. You can find plugins for all Jetbrains products, including IDEA IntelliJ. Some plugins are different for IntelliJ Ultimate than IntelliJ Community. So, to answer the second question, you can find plugins:

  • on official plugins page
  • inside IDEA IntelliJ IDE by clicking File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Browse repositories

Installing plugins

There are several option. One was already mentioned. We’ll mention the others too:

  • inside IDEA IntelliJ IDE by clicking File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Browse repositories -> then pick one and install it
  • another option is to install it from the disk and it is the same as above, just click on Install Plugin from disk (instead of Browse repositories)

Click here for the official Jetbrains page about plugin installation, updating and uninstalling.
Also, this nice StackOverflow post might help you a lot.


The usage of IntelliJ plugins can make your IDE even better. It is really easy to install and manage them. Also, you can make your own plugins too.

We wanted to point out some of our favorite plugins. Hop in to our post about our top 10 IntelliJ plugins to see the list.