Intellij Ultimate

IntelliJ Ultimate Edition – it really pays off

idea intellij ultimate editionIntelliJ Ultimate Edition is a paid variant of three IDEA IntelliJ variants. It has it’s commercial licence. This variant is an extension to IntelliJ Community Edition. On top of glorious Community Edition features it supports Java EE and numerous frameworks. IntelliJ Ultimate has it all!

This Edition has everything that IntelliJ Community Edition lacks. Let’s list some of those fancy features:

  • Code duplicate detection
  • Perforce, ClearCase, TFS
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Java EE, Spring, GWT, Vaadin, Play, Grails
  • Many other Frameworks
  • Database Tools, SQL

And much more. Wow!
Since IntelliJ Ultimate really has it all it is suitable for web and enterprise development.

How much does it cost?

Well… it depends.
Price is different for individuals and for business and organizations.

If you are an individual this is a current price:

  • 1st year: $149
  • 2nd year: $119
  • 3rd year and onward: $89

If you are looking for prices for business and organizations, the pricing is:

  • 1st year: $499
  • 2nd year: $399
  • 3rd year and onward: $299

Check both personal and business/organization pricing details on IntelliJ Ultimate official website for most recent prices.

Yes, we know. This is a lot of money, but there is something you might like. IDEA IntelliJ offers a free 30 trial for Ultimate. That’s right! You can download intellij idea Ultimate it for free and try it’s features out. And then you can decide weather to buy it or not.

This is too expensive, and IntelliJ Community does not fit my needs

And this is absolutely fine. Don’t feel picky. Or stingy for that matter.  There is an IntelliJ EAP. Wondering what this is? Long-story-short, it is IntelliJ Ultimate for free. Check out our page about IntelliJ EAP and find out more.

Download IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition

How to download IntelliJ IDEA? Simple. Go to their official download site, choose your OS and click download button.
When you successfully download it, simply follow the installation instructions. It is very easy.
Click here to go to official download site.


IntelliJ Ultimate Edition is the best.
If it is expensive for you, check out the IntelliJ EAP. Don’t use cracks that provide hacked IntelliJ IDEA license server. Always use legal software.